So as a part of the University Honors program, this spring semester a class on the rock n’ roll band U2 is being taught. We know what you are thinking, a class . . on a rock band? Well yeah!!! The class is focusing on the many levels of the bands music, the political and spiritual meaning behind their lyrics, their social activism, and their history as a band for over 30 years. Recently Pastor Bob Flayhart who has been given credit by Steve Stockman, author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 came as a guest lecturer to class and he used this clip from U2’s Elevation tour in 2001 to show how a song like Where The Streets Have No Name has multiple meaning; that when Bono wrote the song he was talking about the Streets of Heaven, but also the streets of many towns in Ireland. You see when the song was written Ireland was in the middle of a religious civil war and many of the towns marked their streets not with names and signs, but by the color of the street lamp post. The color of the street post identified whether it was a Protestant town or a Catholic town. The class had no idea that was part of the meaning behind the song. So just another example of how you have opportunities in college to take classes that you might have never taken in high school, and besides we were looking for a good excuse to post a U2 video! Enjoy.