When asked when the best time to take the ACT is, the answer is easy, early.  One of the main things we express to students is that they should take the ACT as early as you can.  Maybe not your freshman year, but it definitely would not hurt.  The main reason for taking the ACT or SAT early is familiarization with the exams.  If you take the exams multiple times you are going to feel better prepared because you know what to expect, and this should reflect in improved scores.

Your goal should be to have 2-3 scores on file so when you begin applying for admissions you feel comfortable with where you stand.  Students who apply to college the summer or early fall of their senior year of high school are going to be considered for scholarships, get early housing opportunities, and financial aid; therefore you want to try and have your scores on record by the summer prior to your senior year of high school.  The last thing you want to do is take the test for the first time a few days before a scholarship deadline or the summer before you plan on starting college.  Waiting to take the exam later during your senior year is going to delay the admissions process which could lead to you missing out on scholarship deadlines, not getting priority housing, and possibly impacting your financial aid awards.   So if you haven’t already signed up for the next ACT or SAT then we encourage you to do so.  You can find out more information about both exams at http://www.act.org  or http://www.collegeboard.com
Good luck!

The next ACT  test dates:

April 4, 2009

June 13, 2009