Julian Robinson Producer/Editor Reel from julian robinson on Vimeo.

One of our goals in the Admissions Office is to share with our prospective students the success that many of our alumni have achieved in their professional and personal life.  It often requires us tracking down alums in the far reaching corners of the world, but in Julian’s case we only had to go as far as Los Angeles, California.  Julian is a 2002 theatre graduate of Montevallo and already has several producing/directing/writing and editing credits to his name; and has even started his own production studio while finishing his Masters in Fine Arts in Film Directing/Producing from Columbia University.  If you have paid any attention to one of the fastest growing television networks in the country, Current TV (www.current.com ), then you have seen Julian’s work.  Work that has already earned him an Emmy nomination!

While talking with Julian he shared that one of the misconceptions that students often have is that because you attend and graduate from a smaller university, you might not be as prepared as students who graduated from larger, more recognized universities, and that they might have an advantage over you; and in Julian’s experience (as is many Montevallo alums experience) that is just not the case.  “Graduating from Montevallo didn’t put me at a disadvantage among my colleagues, who are often your competition.  I worked alongside people who graduated from Yale and Harvard, and I quickly realized that I was just as prepared as they were and that their education did not give them any advantage over me.   In some cases I found myself to have advantages over them, because they might have graduated from film school and learned the technical side of film and television, but because I graduated from a strong theatre program I had experience in working with actors and directors, which made it very easy for me in my current work.  When you graduate from Montevallo and work on a project the size and scale of College Night, that is experience that students from other universities just don’t have.”

It goes without saying that Julian represents a lot of the characteristics and qualities that many UM alums possess.  That realization when you enter into your career that Montevallo really has prepared you, and often times provided you with experiences that your colleagues just didn’t receive in their undergraduate experience.  The Montevallo family is proud of what Julian has accomplished at such a young age and wish him the best as he continues his work with Current TV